Turn your private therapy practice back into a business that serves you.

Get on the waitlist now for the Efficient Clinician Club. You'll have access to a course that walks you through how to revamp your private therapy practice and turn it back into something you love. There will also be a community of likeminded therapists to support you on your journey. Ready to tackle burnout? Join the waitlist below and you'll also get a free Private Practice Spring Cleaning Checklist!

what you get

Here’s what you’ll learn in The Efficient Clinician Club!

The Efficient Clinician Club includes a course that will walk you through all of the steps of getting your practice organized and automated as much as possible. You'll have tons of downloadable worksheets and guides. You'll also have access to a private community on Circle where you can share your best practices, get tips and support, and participate in monthly live Q&As. The Efficient Clinician course walks you through three stages:

Reconnect With Your Why

Have you feel like your business has been running your life instead of the other way around? You'll get grounded in why you started your practice in the first place. Using included workbooks and journals, you'll figure out exactly what you want your practice to look like.

Identify Your Roadblocks

You'll walk through and identify exactly what is getting in the way of you having the practice you want. You'll utilize a time tracker, pin down your workload, and start to identify those to dos that just never seem to get done. 

Make Changes

You'll end the course with how to automate your day to day tasks, ways to identify what to delegate and to whom, and finally, how to batch your work so you can be the most efficient clinician possible! 

About Anne Rice

Hi! I'm Anne. I'm a mental health therapist licensed in Georgia and New York, a private group practice owner, owner of a coworking space for therapists, and mom to two young kids. Being efficient and making the most of my time is SO important to me. I'm excited to have you join me on this journey of getting an hour or two back in your day. Let's stop the grind and start enjoying our businesses together!

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